How to automate a 2112u-101 switch

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How to automate a 2112u-101 switch

Postby fraggel » Tue May 05, 2020 4:47 pm


I just moved to a new home which has a built in led-strip in the ceiling. It can be controlled/dimmed by a wall Push-rotate-switch.

I was thinking to replace a wall switch with a fibaro component. Unfortunately the component to replace was not a dimmer, but actually a potentiometer 2112u-101 with on/off functionality and a second pair of wires regulating 0/1-10V to control the attached power supply

Does anyone have a creative idea on how to automate this? I need a combination to switch 230V and to regulate the 0/1-10V to dim the led strip.

I still have to find out where the power supply for the led strip is hidden. Perhaps that could be replaced as well and than a normal fibaro dimmer 2 could work.

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