Individual room temperature setting and heating

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Individual room temperature setting and heating

Postby rawin » Tue May 26, 2015 8:49 pm

I would like to share to you my solution to set and control the temperature for every individual room in my house.

- ELV MAX! cube and thermo radiator controls
- RFXCOm RFXtrx433
- Heatmiser WiFi thermostat
- Olimex A20
(And a heater of cource)

- Debian linux for the A20
- OpenHAB

The solution is a setup where the temperature per room can be set by hand or through the openHAB interface in a browser or smart phone. The radiator controls reveal their status by showing how far they are open. When open for more then 25% I assume there is (al least somewhere in the house) the need for heating. I then send a command to the Heatmiser to turn the heater on. And reversely when there is no valve open for more than 25%.

This is off course the brief version of my setup. In reality I also use a virtual thermostat for the living room that can be programmed. If you like I can tell you more, bat the principle is above. Cost of all this?

- ELV Max Cube 50
- Radiator control 35x number needed, in my case 7 = 245
- RfxCOM 110
- Heatmiser 150 (in my case the PRT-ts WiFi)
- Olimex A20 120

The software is open source, so a total of around 550 euro. And the system is competed suited for other domotica setups as well.

Happy to share more details if you like.
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Re: Individual room temperature setting and heating

Postby FlatBread » Thu Oct 15, 2015 3:48 pm

Very interested in your project as I'm looking into controlling individual rooms too. I'm still wondering which radiator controllers I want to use as none of them seem to have actual temperature feedback (as the internal temperature is probably not the actual room temperature due to the location of the sensor). However, this temperature could still be very useful and is also used by the controller to operate the valves. Can you give me some more information about the ELV Max radiator controls?

Can you directly connect the radiator controls with the RFXCom? Or do you need the Cube to connect to them? My plan is to control the radiator controls in Domoticz.
Do you know the difference between the Max and Max+ versions of the radiator control?
What data can you read from the radiator control? And how often is it send to the RFXcom or Cube? Or do you need to request it from the radiator control?

Thanks! FB
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