Controlling individual room temperatures

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Controlling individual room temperatures

Postby raymonvdm » Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:49 pm

I want to create a system to control individual room temperatures based on hardwired valve actuators but i`m not sure how to design such a system.

I have a boiler in the attic and a thermostat in the living room to control the temperature and a valve in each room to control the room specific setting. I have equipte one room with a Danfoss LC13 but the battery is empty quickly. So i want to replace the LC13 with a grid powered device.

Possible solution is to use a floorheating controller with TWA valves but maybe there is a better solution

The current valves
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Re: Controlling individual room temperatures

Postby marcelr » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:57 pm

Hi raymonvdm,

I am trying to realize the very same, not hard wired, but wireless (don't want 230VAC wiring to every single radiator). I have equipped my radiators with RA-N valves in combination with LC-13 thermostats. Not sure about battery life, the thermostats haven't been in service long enough to establish that yet. If all else fails, I may connect them to an external 3V power supply, although then I will have the wires that I don't like.

The valve actuators you indicate are not really for domestic use, I think (unless you have an air conditioned house with fancoil units or similar, but that's not likely). They will not fit your RA-N radiator valves. Power uptake is 2W each, so each valve adds 18kWh annual power consumption to you energy bill. Not an awful lot of energy, but with, let's say, 10 valves, it adds up.

So far, I manually control the thermostat valve settings, but in the not-so-distant future I want the room thermostat (toon) to do that, coupled to the weekly heating schedule.

If you throttle the heat supply to the temperature reference room in your house (probably your living room) it should be possible (within limits) to control the room temperature for each room separately, by thermostats like the LC-13. When all rooms have reached their desired temperature, open the valves to the reference room a little more, so it can heat up as well. Main thing is that the reference room should come last, so as to keep the boiler burning while you still need heat for the other rooms in the house.

I am working towards this situation, but it's a slow process (involves a LOT of coding and --in my specific case-- reverse engineering, the LC-13 does not report actual temperature :-( ).


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