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New OT Data-ID's

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:54 pm
by Templar
Found two new ID's at this device description:

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ID 98: For a specific RF sensor the RF strength and battery level is written
ID 99: Operating Mode HC1, HC2/ Operating Mode DHW

Re: New Data-ID's

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:15 pm
by Templar
Found new data-id's at this page:

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ID 109: Electricity producer starts
ID 110: Electricity producer hours
ID 111: Electricity production
ID 112: Cumulativ Electricity production

Re: New OT (Remeha) Data-ID's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:32 pm
by Templar
Found new Data-ID's at this page:

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ID 36:   {f8.8}   "Electrical current through burner flame" (µA)
ID 37:   {f8.8}   "Room temperature for 2nd CH circuit"
ID 38:   {u8 u8}   "Relative Humidity"

For Data-ID's 37 and 38 I assumed their data types, for Data ID 36 I determined it by matching qSense value with the correct data-type.

I also analysed OT Remeha qSense <-> Remeha Tzerra communication.

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ID 131:   {u8 u8}   "Remeha dF-/dU-codes"
ID 132:   {u8 u8}   "Remeha Servicemessage"
ID 133:   {u8 u8}   "Remeha detection connected SCU’s"

"Remeha dF-/dU-codes"
: Should match the dF-/dU-codes written on boiler nameplate. Read-Data Request (255 255) returns the data. Also accepts Write-Data Requests (dF dU), this returns the boiler to its factory defaults.
"Remeha Servicemessage" Read-Data Request (255 255), boiler returns (0 2) in case of no boiler service. Write-Data Request (1 255) clears the boiler service message. Need to figure out the boilerreplies of the service types A, B and C, need an iSense or eTwist. If somebody can help me with that.....
"Remeha detection connected SCU’s": Write-Data Request (0 1) enables detection of connected SCU prints, correct response is (Write-Ack 255 1).

Other Remeha info:
Data-ID 5: correponds with the Remeha E:xx fault codes.
Data-ID 11: correponds with the Remeha Pxx parameter codes.
Data-ID 35: reported value is fan speed in rpm/60 .
Data-ID 115: correponds with the Remeha Status and Sub-status numbers using {u8 u8} data-type.