Danfoss valves with Remeha CV

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Danfoss valves with Remeha CV

Postby santik » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:38 pm


Most probably it is offtopic but I have a very annoying problem.

At home I have Remeha Tzerra Plus CV with central thermostat. I'm trying to use it with smart valves from Danfoss. So I can control temperature per valve.

I did it as was recommended in one of documents. I put central CV thermostat to higher temperature(24) and valves to lower (21). I expect that rooms will heat until 21 degree and then close valves.
But unfortunately I can not heat my apartment to desired temperature. It stays around 19 all the time. Even if I set valves to 23 degrees. I see on the central CV thermostat that it requests for heat. But looks like it can not pump the hot water. I expect radiator valve should be open until it reaches 21 degree. However the radiator is warm just a little bit. When I switch off the valve it immediately lets the hot water into the radiator. So my guess is that valve is not open enough to heat the room and CV recognizes it as closed.

Is it possible to change settings somehow in CV or Danfoss valve to make it work? Or maybe you can suggest another solution or another place to ask.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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