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OpenPowerMapping interest for historical equipment

Postby ahu » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:38 am

Hi everybody,

I'm wondering, many people have older equipment, but nobody knows how much energy (say) a 10 year old dryer uses to dry a full load. Or, how much energy a 15 year old fridge uses over a 24 hour cycle.
There are of course industry figures, but they are for when the equipment was real, and under highly stylized circumstances. If we knew the actual power consumption of real life equipment out there, this could help people decide if it is time to 1) buy new equipment or 2) perhaps clean their current equipment ;-) (works very well for dryers). We could also verify claims for actual currently sold equipment (which should be interesting).

With some people we are wondering that if we'd help make available the proper equipment for logging the power use of all kinds of equipment, and generate a sort of '' website where you could upload your measurements, would people do that? We're hoping for some kind of smartphone integration to make uploading easy, but this would require a bluetooth enabled powermeter.

We're currently considering uploading a full power/time-series, and process those measurements into 'idle', 'active' and 'standby'. This would match the use of printers, for example, and refrigerators, but not so much washing machine and dishwashers which are likely to have a far more complicated power profile.

Our questions are, would anyone be interested? And if the meters were really cheap or you could borrow them? Does the power profile idea make any sense? Is anyone else doing this? Would anybody be interested in the resulting database?

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