Connection to BRAHMA thermostat and "EMMETI" boiler

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Re: Connection to BRAHMA thermostat and "EMMETI" boiler

Postby hvxl » Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:53 pm

Great that it's working now.

Some additional pieces of information for you:
  • The UI settings are stored in a bitmap, so just doing UI=2 is sufficient. The AA settings are stored in a list and there is no check for duplicates. That's why I advised to do a DA=25 first.
  • I didn't see your thermostat asking for MsgID 9 in any of the logs. Without it, the TT and TC commands will not do anything. (On some thermostats you can enable this functionality.)
  • In monitor mode, the OTGW connects the thermostat directly to the boiler. Then the thermostat switches your boiler to medium power mode, which inverts the logical levels it sends. The OTGW doesn't currently have support for that, which is why you see the error 03. I think this functionality could be implemented without a lot of additional code, but I have no way to test it because my boiler doesn't support smart power.
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