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OTGW panel for sale - 2 EUR

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:29 pm
by ovdleun
Hi all,

As I was interested in Home Automations I also bought and build the OTGW. The only thing I was "missing" was a way of making the status LED's available in the casing, including a reset button. For that I made my own PCB layout and, IMHO, it turned out nicely. However I only needed one but had to order 10pcs. So I've 9 pieces left. Anyone interested? Price: 2EUR excl. shipping (note: PCB only! No components included). In NL it can be send just by regular mail so that would only take a stamp or two. If you want one just send me a PM. I've attached an image of it. (more images at: ... -software/ )
IMAG1517.jpg (135.67 KiB) Viewed 2115 times

It's just my very first PCB design so there could be some improvements, but it really fits excellent in the casing from Conrad. Drill holes are also based on that casing. I could just use regular screws which are also used for mounting computer mainboards in a housing.

Any constructive feedback always welcome.