otmonitor feature request: CS2, RS2, FlowTempCH2 report

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otmonitor feature request: CS2, RS2, FlowTempCH2 report

Postby rpav » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:05 pm

otmonitor offers several ways how to access parameters that are being reported over the opentherm interface:
(1) Graph tab
(2) Statistics tab
(3) web json interface http://myotmonitorserver.myhome.org:8080/json
(4) MQTT messages
(5) ...

Unfortunately, most of them cover parameters specific for dual circuit boilers. It will be very nice to see at least in (3), better in (3), (2) and (1) the following OT parameters:
  • HEX 08 Control setpoint 2
  • HEX 1F Flow temperature CH2
  • HEX 17 Room Setpoint CH2

It is still possible to obtain this parameters from (4) (but the OTdatagram must be parsed). The other options are parsing the otmonitor.log or access "Summary tab". But adding CH2 parameters to (3) will be much comfortable I guess....

Thank you for considering this request.
Best regards,
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