Modulation level statistics, howto get them

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Modulation level statistics, howto get them

Postby WimN » Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:52 am

For monitoring my Intergas HRE30/36 boiler with Lyric T6 thermostat I've installed the OTGW and run some software on a Raspberry Pi. I'm using influx and Grafana as described in: ... rm-gateway
After some tweaking it all works great and I'm getting interesting graphs. Now I would like to know how much time the boiler is burning at a certain modulation level (power). If e.g. 75% of the time it's running at 25% then I can think of getting a Hybrid heatpump like the Elga. Then the heatpump could heat the house for 75% of the time heating is required.

In Grafana it shows the modulation level, does anybody know of a way of getting the information I'm looking for?
Thanks for any ideas pointing me in the right direction!
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