Error 03 but the thermostat controls correctly the boiler...

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Error 03 but the thermostat controls correctly the boiler...

Postby scanxtaz » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:34 pm

Hi All,

I don't understand what's happening now, everything was working properly until I wanted to switch my raspberry.
The gateway was working fine, and now, I see a lot of Error 03 coming in my logs.

Here's a full dump in pastebin :

Could you please advise ? I don't know what to do, I checked the tension in X1 and X2, and I've almost 7,5V (polarized). I checked also the PIC 1 on 5 and 14, I've 5v, but between 15 &ne 16 nothing.

The strange thing : Now with the Error 03, my thermostat is working well, meaning it controls the boiler in the correct way. Previouly (fighting with the GW, I was even not able to control anything while I was only seeing the boiler information, the thermostat was not processes while it was logged as connected...)

I can also view some of the information in the logs and catch correctly by otmonitor.

What should I do ? Thanks.
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Re: Error 03 but the thermostat controls correctly the boiler...

Postby hvxl » Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:09 pm

The log you posted shows all responses from the boiler resulting in error 03. Normally when that happens, the thermostat will repeat the request. But yours goes on with different messages. You report that the thermostat correctly controls the boiler. That means that either you have the OTGW set to monitor mode and the thermostat is able to understand messages the OTGW doesn't, or there are periods that the boiler does produce proper answers. Some boilers have been observed to have trouble producing proper OT bit timings when they are actively heating.

I see one "B" message in your log, which is just before "starting of the boiler". This message indicates that both thermostat and boiler support smart power. Possibly you have the gateway in monitor mode and the thermostat requested medium power. In that case the boiler will invert its signal, which the OTGW may not understand. I thought I handled that in my code, but it's been a while since I wrote that code.

To investigate further, see if you can find a pattern into when you see the errors (when the boiler is heating, or when the thermostat has switched on the backlight, etc.), then load the diagnostic firmware and run Test #3 (Bit timing boiler) in the situation where you used to see the errors.
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