Opentherm Gateway with Riello Boiler

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Opentherm Gateway with Riello Boiler

Postby ijeffsc » Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:33 am


Does anyone have experience with Riello Boilers and the OT gateway they would be willing to share?

I currently have a Riello Family Pro boiler and a Riello "wifi box" which connects to the Opentherm terminals on the boiler but I can't currently log data from that "wifi box" although I can get information via the RiCloud app I can't log it over time.

My options are to either a) sort out how to log data off the wifi box (which is just a gateway) directly or b) replace the wifi box with another gateway.

I'm running 4-8 zones of on/off thermostats and no Opentherm thermostats on this system.

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