Sonoff RF Bridge: 433MHz RF Remote to WiFi Converter

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Sonoff RF Bridge: 433MHz RF Remote to WiFi Converter

Postby alias » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:09 am

I came across this interesting and ultra-cheap device, for those who do not yet own an RFXCOM (or perhaps in addition to):

The Sonoff RF Bridge 433 is an ultra low power consumption device that can convert 433.92MHz (433MHz) to WiFi. It's a bridge between 433MHz RF and WiFi, which can be added to iOS & Android App eWeLink. Users can firstly pair 433MHz devices with the RF Remote, then add their RF Remote to the App. Therefore, users can control the 433MHz devices through App eWeLink. It's specially designed for mobile device and IoT application.

And even more cheaper here: ... 79900.html
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Re: Sonoff RF Bridge: 433MHz RF Remote to WiFi Converter

Postby Andrew_C » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:51 pm

Seems like a nice device, but I can't get it to learn any controls that are currently useful to me!

It learns the "lighting4" protocol from the keyfob control that iTead use, but I can't make it learn Home Easy UK codes, or X10, or Fantasia ceiling fan (which are Byron SX codes, I think) so perhaps it's not such a bargain.

Sticking with my RFXtrx for now., but I'd be interested to hear of anyone else having success with the Sonoff RF Bridge, especially for HomeEasy UK protocol.
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