Choice of hardware for custom home automation system

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Choice of hardware for custom home automation system

Postby Shibby » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:20 am

Dear all,

since a few months I've finished all the structural work around the house and it's about time I start exploring the world of home automation.
I currently work as a .net programmer, so I have a small advantage there for making a custom automation control software. Now I want to start exploring (without immediately installing) the existing possibilities of home automation.
What I am looking for, is a piece of programmable hardware (I was thinking Siemens PLC, Logo! maybe) which allows me to use basic automation functions. Time regulated lights outside, controllable window blinds ...

But I also want to be able to connect with this piece of hardware and control it (preferably with .net environment) piece of software running on a server. So I want the hardware to be able to do it's basic functionality without the server running as well as control it with the software running on the server.

Anyone got any advice on what kind of hardware i'm looking for? I'm still in the research stadium, so any alternative will be considered.

thank you
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Re: Choice of hardware for custom home automation system

Postby jeroen_ » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:28 am

You are thinking of a Raspberry Pi :)

Or similar hardware, or just a VM on another box that is already active.

Without more 'requirements' there is little else anybody could advice.
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