Multiple powermeters Zon op toon

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Multiple powermeters Zon op toon

Postby Prutzer » Thu May 20, 2021 9:59 am

Hi All,

I have two solar pannel inverters on differend phases.
I added 2 power meters (KWH meters) and needed a solution to combine the pulses of the 2 power meters to one pulse.

On the Arduino forum they helped me and here is the solution: ... /854753/27

Use a Arduino nano V3.
Connect the S0 from the power meters to pin 2 -> ground and pin 3 -> ground.
I created a small housing for the Arduino nano. You can at the Toon sensor on the case.

Toon will now receive the pulses from both power meters.
The only problem now is the pulses are not in a stable rithm. Sometimes you will see a very high output (300000 KWH) and somethimes a very low output.
There is a new script that maybe fix this, but I did not test it, yet.
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