prevent Toon to go to dim state

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prevent Toon to go to dim state

Postby globegrabber » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:27 pm

Best Toonists,
just a small question, some times when is uses Toon it could be handy that the screen prevent to back to the dim stand (because you following any data), of course you can set the parameter for a longer time, normaly is for me 30 sec long enough, but only incidentally to go to settings/ sreen/ etc to exceed the time span. could there be implicated a button or maybe better to double tab the screen (this could then be used on different screens in stat of a button) (with some kind of pictogram) to provide the Toon to go to dim state?
Is there any interest for this, and who is able to implicate!
Greetz Globegrabber.
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Re: prevent Toon to go to dim state

Postby Toonz » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:49 pm

Is not so difficult to do:
The code to set the number of seconds to go into dim state is:
Code: Select all
screenStateController.timeBeforeDimmingInSec = 3600

In this case the timeout is set to an hour.
Can be implemented anywhere in the code I guess. Maybe by clicking on the 'Toon' logo top left screen?
in that case edit the file /qmf/qml/qb/stage/Logo.qml to add a mouse area to the image to do the magic
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