Firmware 5.2(beta) changes! Important notice!

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Firmware 5.2(beta) changes! Important notice!

Postby TerrorSource » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:19 pm

Hi all,

Quby/Eneco has released firmware 5.2 for field-testers/beta-testers. We are also testing this same firmware in your team and we noticed some major changes.
These major changes are related to a new keyboard lay-out and the roots it has in the firmware. All apps need to be re-writen to accept the new default keyboard lay-out as the new keyboard lay-out is not backwards compatible as we know at this stage.

To smoothen this for us, the TSC-team and the other app writers, we choose to not edit the keyboard lay-out and comply with the new keyboard lay-out.
This means that the apps using the new keyboard lay-out will NOT be backwards compatible to older firmware versions.
This will result in the fact that users not on that firmware will not receive new releases of ToonStore apps from that time forward and they need to update the firmware to at least 5.2 to continue receiving updates.

Remember, do NOT update to 5.2 at this moment. It will ruin your installed ToonStore apps and we will not *officially* support it at this moment.

We will update this post when we have new/more information.
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Re: Firmware 5.2(beta) changes! Important notice!

Postby TheHogNL » Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:00 pm

As noted in the opening post, from 5.2 there is a new way for keyboard entry. The toon will now natively support the qt5 virtual keyboard (just like you see on your mobile phone). This just popups up over your current screen. Much nicer then the current keyboard which is just a keyboard in a new screen with seperate text input field.

But as this would require all custom apps to be rewritten to support the new virtual keyboard I am currently backporting the old qkeyboard and qnumkeyboard to the new virtual keyboard method. When it is ready all custom apps would still be working on from 5.2 (behaviour could be a little bit diffent) as a seperate screen with input field, but with the virtual keyboard on top of that.

Still, I would suggest apps to be rewritten if possible to use the virtual keyboard and not the old qkeyboard/qnumkeyboard as this looks better. But that would cause the app not to be working on older firmware. So keep that in mind :-)
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