Set your tariff and have month usage

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Set your tariff and have month usage

Postby TheHogNL » Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:13 pm

Hi all,
Finally we found out how to set your own tariff on your rooted toons and how to get monthly usage in your Toon.
First of all, if no tariff info is known to the toon it uses built in tariff information and it will not save monthly power usage. Strangly the developers of the toon decided to save the montly power usage to a seperate file instead of just using the RRD data. Probably to make it comparible with your montly bills.

When you do enter your own tariff using the commandos below you will notice that your toon will save your month usage on the next month. There is no known method currently to let the Toon recacultated previous months.

To set your own tariffs I will soon create a button in the TSC menu. But for now you can use these commands in your favourite SSH client. If you don't have seperate high and low-tariff for electricity change the first two lines to False for SeperateBilling and only fill in the TariffPeak (just like the last line for GAS).

The first two lines are for electricity (one for usage and one for producing with solar energy to the grid). Currently producing and using is always the same tariff but somewhere in 2020-2021 this will change.

Code: Select all
/qmf/bin/bxt -d :happ_pwrusage -s specific1 -n BaseData -x "<BaseField><Type>POWER</Type><SeparateBilling>true</SeparateBilling><TariffPeak>0.22</TariffPeak><TariffOffPeak>0.20</TariffOffPeak></BaseField>" -w 0

/qmf/bin/bxt -d :happ_pwrusage -s specific1 -n BaseData -x "<BaseField><Type>PRODU</Type><SeparateBilling>true</SeparateBilling><TariffPeak>0.22</TariffPeak><TariffOffPeak>0.20</TariffOffPeak></BaseField>" -w 0

/qmf/bin/bxt -d :happ_pwrusage -s specific1 -n BaseData -x "<BaseField><Type>GAS</Type><SeparateBilling>false</SeparateBilling><TariffPeak>0.62</TariffPeak></BaseField>" -w 0
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Re: Set your tariff and have month usage

Postby MyZ » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:17 pm

Very nice!

Just an idea; is it possible to set the sysdate for example 4 years back, execute the script and put set the time back to fill the previous months?
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