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Toon app to control devices?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:27 am
by Xavier
Hi all,

Are there any other users who use devices?

Shelly.Cloud has an app and is based on API (Device API, REST API and Cloud API).
I was wondering if there is a possibility to create an app for Toon.

For now I'm controlling these devices from Domoticz (with the Domoticz app on Toon) based on MQTT.
But because I encounter some problems with the integration in Google Home (devices not responding or receiving a faillure) (DZGA=DomoticZ Google Assistent)
I'm thinking about migrating for these devices to the Shelly app, a drawback is that when Shelly app is used MQTT can't be used, it is just either one (API or MQTT).

Connecting Shelly app to Domoticz (API based) is possible to update (status of) devices and to activate switches, but features like dimming or blinds controll (rolluiken in Dutch) is not possible (as far as I have investigated).

I can't migrate all devices to Shelly since I also have a lot of RF devices and because Domoticz is also a kind of integrater tool for all other stuff.

So why a app on Toon?
Because our Toon is the center for information and control I would be great to use all features (like dimming and blind control (even LED RGBW control) ) of Shelly devices.
All API information can be found at: