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Subforum move completed

Postby marcelr » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:19 am

Dear all, as of now, all posts pertaining to Toon, BOXX, versions 1 and 2, can be posted in this forum. The old subforum has been locked and cannot be used any more. For burning issues and requests, the subforum "Toon issues and support" allows Dutch as language. All other subfora remain English for now.

Especially in the manuals/tutorials subforum, quite some links will be dead. I would like to invite everyone having posted there to fix their own posts (as they see fit). Older posts will not be that interesting for this.
The downloads section has been merged with the manuals/tutorials subforum. It's a single post, with links to files on the forum fileserver. Attachments are no longer needed for me to distribute software and other items.

With the expansion of the subforum to a full-fledged forum with subfora, threads will be locked when they are no longer useful. This limits the lengths of them, and thus, with a little luck, searching for stuff becomes a bit easier.

So, enjoy the new forum, and keep those posts coming.
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