Eventghost XPL plugin not working

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Eventghost XPL plugin not working

Postby Jordy » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:31 pm

When trying to use the Eventghost xpl plugin doghouselabs.com/software/index.cgi?cat ... xPL+Plugin, i got the error message :

14:15:09 Error while loading plugin-file eg-xPL-0.2.1.
14:15:09 Traceback (most recent call last) (1462):
14:15:09 File "C:\Program Files\EventGhost\eg\Classes\PluginManager.py", line 178, in LoadPluginInfo
14:15:09 File "C:\Program Files\EventGhost\eg\Classes\PluginInfo.py", line 126, in ImportPlugin
14:15:09 ImportError: No module named eg-xPL-0.2.1

Has anybody got this plugin to load correctly ? I would use it so switch my amplifier on, if the squeezebox player sends the ' play' event.
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