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This thread mostly consists of attachments, available for download. To keep things tidy, it will be read-only. When you have stuff you deem interesting for this thread, PM me and I'll see to it.

added 2018-02-13: busybox-1.27.2-r4: Busybox with sha512 password hashing, and the combined features of 1.18.3-r42.1 and 1.27.2-r1, as published by Quby.
(be sure to install all three packages): ... r4_qb2.ipk ... r4_qb2.ipk ... r4_qb2.ipk

added 2017-05-29: wget with ssl support, and cron (for running cron jobs ;-) )

replaced 2017-05-04: Toon-buienradar, version 7.3

added 2017-03-01:, x11vnc bitbake recipe, for those of you who want to roll their own.

replaced 2017-02-16: Buienradar, by Toonz, updated to v7.

added 2017-02-15: This archive contains a boot loader image for toon and a configuration file for OpenOCD software, to be used in combination with a JTAG interface adapter. See manuals/tutorials Rooting toon for an explanation on how to actually use it.

added 2017-02-03: Boiler status app, first release. This app will work in toons with 3.0.29 <= FW version <= 3.5.4. Later versions have http output of happ_thermstat, on which this app relies, screwed up. Installation instructions are included in the .zip file.

2016-09-28: To extract the x11vnc package, on linux machines (and possibly Macs), you may need to concatenate the two files before you can extract the .ipk package. Some older versions of unzip do not support multi-file archives.
Like this:

Code: Select all

cat >
and then:

Code: Select all


Thanks RomMon, for noticing.

added 2016-08-11: sftp-server. tested on fw 3.4.4, with dropbear_2015.71. Unzip, upload the .ipk to toon and install. I got bored with downloading files through scp, so added this server.

replaced 2016-07-02: dropbear (the previous one was the original version from the oe-tree)

added 2016-06-01: dropbear, xvnc for toon.
cron for toon
(20.9 KiB) Downloaded 876 times
wget for toon, with ssl support
(143.45 KiB) Downloaded 761 times
(65.08 KiB) Downloaded 761 times
(1.97 KiB) Downloaded 667 times
(84.32 KiB) Downloaded 1585 times
(20.31 KiB) Downloaded 779 times
sftp-server for toon
(44.92 KiB) Downloaded 2197 times
dropbear for toon, updated
(122.8 KiB) Downloaded 2984 times
xvnc for toon, part 2 of 2
(256 KiB) Downloaded 1108 times
xvnc for toon, part 1 of 2
(185.19 KiB) Downloaded 1099 times

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