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Re: Toon app: Afvalwijzer

Postby Smiggel » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:13 pm

Toonz wrote:Thanks for the pm. The app is working fine but your waste provider started to use new waste descriptions.
First they put a space after :'gft' and secondly they started using 'pbd' instead of 'pmd'.

You can easily fix this yourself by adding the following two lines to the function wasteTypeMijnafvalwijzer(shortName) in /qmf/qml/apps/wastecollection/WastecollectionApp.qml:

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                        case "gft ": return 3;
                        case "pbd": return 2;

Will include this in a future release but none planned for now.
after saving the changes and restarting the gui you need to go to the settings page and press 'opslaan' to refresh the file (or wait till the next refresh)



Ah check. Will update the app later. Thanks for checking it out!

Updated the script, and it works now! :) Thanks for the help!
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