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Re: Toon app: Afvalwijzer

Postby Fietspomp » Thu May 16, 2019 6:48 am

Toonz wrote:
Fietspomp wrote:I haven't use this because it didn't work in my town (Oostvoorne as well).
But now the JSON also works in Oostvoorne! (Using a custom component for Home Assistant, so I'm guessing this one will work as well).

Great job on using the HTML scraper though for areas where JSON doesn't work.

what company is collecting waste in Oostvoorne?
I am planning to release the next version of the app after the weekend so can include this as well

It's using MijnAfvalWijzer, so it already works. But before it only worked using HTML scraper and not JSON.
I even called this company (AddComm Direct) who made Afvalwijzer. They said it was forbidden for me to use the JSON because that was a paid option for companies :roll:
But every now and then I checked the JSON response and I saw last week it worked!
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