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Re: android app TOON

Postby Toonz » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:23 am

We just need someone to write a proper app. The newer firmware (5.x) now also supports QtWebsockets which gives much more options for a mobile app to communicate with Toon.
Just need someone ti build such an app.

In the meantime you can consider using x11vnc on Toon.
You have then full remote control over your Toon (you will need to open up your firewall at home to allow incoming connections on port 5900 to Toon).
A good working client for Android devices is bVNCfree for instance, on a PC you can user TigerVNC but I gues sthere will be many others
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Re: android app TOON

Postby said0066 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:47 pm

x11vnc works great with bVNC Free on my android Phone. Thanks!
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