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This subforum is moving ...

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:34 pm
by marcelr
Hi all,

The size of the toon subforum is slowly spinning out of control. So, to mitigate this, Bwired and I have decided to create a new forum on the main page of the domoticaforum. Sharp-eyed members may already have seen the new forum "Toon forum" at the top of the main page. In the period ahead, I will move all threads of the current subforum to that part on the main page. So, if you can't find your favourite thread anymore, have a look there as well.

The move will involve ripping apart the original threads, so links between posts will probably no longer work. Typical case of too bad.

The move has been completed on sunday august 5th. You can no longer post here, please go to: