Rooted toon hangs on bootscreen

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Re: Rooted toon hangs on bootscreen

Postby QuasaR » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:30 pm

TheHogNL wrote:What happens if you start hcb_comm manually?
~# /qmf/sbin/hcb_comm -vvvv 2>&1

Code: Select all
eneco-001-XXXXXX:~# /qmf/sbin/hcb_comm -vvvv 2>&1
[hxml] libhcb_xml          v0.1 r133   (Sep 27 2018 11:19:52) [master#545837b645] (ezxml 0.8.6)
[hbxt] libhcb_boxtalk      v0.1 r162   (Oct  1 2018 10:41:59) [master#93e4a0ed4c]
[hbas] libhcb_base         v0.1 r391   (Sep 27 2018 16:33:50) [master#b19a5006da]
[hcom] libhcb_com          v0.1 r171   (Sep 27 2018 16:04:53) [master#381ed66a10]
[hdrv] libhcb_drv          v0.1 r427   (Oct  1 2018 13:20:03) [master#bd0f0aeb89]
[hcb_comm] hcb_comm        v0.1 r199   (Sep  3 2018 15:43:30) [master#11ffe41b06] pid(4143)
[hdrv]Options: -vvvv
[hbas]Config from /qmf/etc, loading 3 files with decreasing importance.
[hbas]Config from /qmf/etc/qmf_tenant.xml priority 3
[hbas]Config from /qmf/etc/qmf_release.xml priority 2
[hbas]Config from /qmf/etc/qmf_hardware.xml priority 1
[hbas]Config '<hcb_comm>noDiscoByebye' not found, using default '0'
[hbas]Config '<hcb_comm>configProvider' not found, using default '(null)'
[hbas]Config '<hcb_comm>packageUuid' not found, using default 'eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm'
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'quit
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'ping
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'doInit
[hdrv]Adding internal handler ConfigProvider'8'GetPackageConfigResponse
[hdrv]Adding internal handler ConfigProvider'7'StoreConfig
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'SetStdoutLvl
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'SetNotifyLvl
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'9'QueryStateVariable
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'RegisterStateListener
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'webRequest
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'UpdateDataSetSubscription
[hdrv]Adding internal handler default'7'GetDataSet
[hdrv]Adding disco handler 0x400DAE98 for hcb_log
[hdrv]Adding disco handler 0x400DD774 for hcb_web
[hdrv]Adding disco handler 0x400CAAB4 for hcb_config
[hbas]Config '<hcb_comm>CommIfaces' not found, using default 'lo'
[hcb_comm]Listen socket is bound to
[hcb_comm]Server Connection flags: sessionKey=4143-1546896284 eofMarker=NULL encryption=none
[hcb_comm]main(): waiting for incoming connections
[hcom]Connecting to localhost:1337 as 'eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm'...
[hcb_comm]main(): adding connection number 1 for ip at socket fd 4.
[4?()1076275728#-1:connection_create_L1] ADDING CONNECTION A (sock:4, ip:
[hcb_comm]main(): waiting for incoming connections
[4R()1102070832#0:connection_reader_L1] reader thread 1102070832 started.
[4R()1102070832#0:connection_reader_L1] Waiting until ci->state == CI_STATE_WELCOME_SENT, usleep(1000) ...
[4W()1093489712#0:connection_writer_L1] writer thread 1093489712 started.
[4W()1093489712#0:connection_writer_L1] ci->state = CI_STATE_WELCOME_SENT
[4W()1093489712#0:connection_writer_L1] Waiting until ci->state == CI_STATE_DISCO_RECVD, usleep(10000) ...
[4R()1102070832#0:connection_reader_L1] Waiting done: ci->state == CI_STATE_WELCOME_SENT
[hcom]Connected to: Home Control Box -- hcb_comm/r199 hbas/r391 hdrv/r427 hcom/r171 hbxt/r162 hxml/r133 -- V=3 E=none A=none -- BoxTalk Hub Ready.
[hcom]Connection flags: sessionKey=4143-1546896284 eofMarker=NULL encryption=none
[hcom]Sending HBXT_DISCOVERY_ALIVE from eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm:
[hcb_comm]Starting hcb_comm receive loop in thread 1085101104...
[4R()1102070832#1:connection_reader_L1] Message from 4:eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm is a HBXT_DISCOVERY_ALIVE with 233 bytes --> rm-A618F8-#1
[4R(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1102070832#1:connection_add2_L1] ADDING CONNECTION B (sock:4, ip:, sess:4143-1546896284, eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm)
[4R(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1102070832#1:connection_add2_L1] ci->state = CI_STATE_DISCO_RECVD
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#0:connection_writer_L1] Waiting done: ci->state == CI_STATE_DISCO_RECVD
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#0:connection_prepend_doinit] Message doInit is a HBXT_ACTION_INVOKE with 255 bytes --> rm-A5D408-#0
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#0:rawmsg_prepend_to_connection_mq_L2] prepended rm-A5D408-#1+ at 4:queue[0] with oldlen 0 (doInit)
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#0:connection_writer_L1] ci->state = CI_STATE_BXT_RUNNING
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#1:connection_writer_L1] took hmq with rm-A5D408-#1 from queue[0] (0 left)
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#1:rawmsg_send_to_connection_and_decref] rm-A5D408-#0- writing HBXT_ACTION_INVOKE to 4:INITIALIZED (from eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm)
[hcom]Received HBXT_ACTION_INVOKE from eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm to UNKNOWN_CLIENT/boxtalk1: n=doInit sessionKey=4143-1546896284
[4R(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1102070832#1:rawmsg_append_to_connection_mq_L2] added rm-A6DCD0-#1+ at 4:queue[0] (alldev-discos-to-newdev)
[4R(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1102070832#1:process_disco_msg_L1] sending HBXT_DISCOVERY_ALIVE msg from 4:eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm over conns:
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#2:connection_writer_L1] took hmq with rm-A6DCD0-#1 from queue[0] (0 left)
[4W(eneco-001-033321:hcb_comm)1093489712#2:rawmsg_send_to_connection_and_decref] rm-A6DCD0-#0- writing HBXT_DISCOVERY_ALIVE to 4:(null) (from hcb_comm)
[hcom]Received HBXT_DISCOVERY_ALIVE from eneco-001-XXXXXX:hcb_comm:

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Re: Rooted toon hangs on bootscreen

Postby TheHogNL » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:39 pm

Ok thanks. That helped :)
Found that x11vnc was not starting properly and paused any further booting of your toon. After killing x11vnc the toon booted further.
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