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Toon app: PiHoleStats

Postby TerrorSource » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:19 pm

Long time ago i made an app (DomoticzBoard) which Toonz has improved over the time.
Last couple of weeks i brainstormed over new ideas for apps while i was redesigning my homenetwork and i came up with the idea for a PiHole app.

It's just a simple app which queries the PiHole server and shows the stats of PiHole on the Toon.
App has a tile which shows the total ads blocked on that day and the amount of ads blocked in %.

Click on the Tile or the Sys Tray icon shows more information queried from PiHole.
- status
- domains_being_blocked
- dns_queries_today
- ads_blocked_today
- ads_percentage_today
- queries_forwarded
- queries_cached
- clients_ever_seen
- unique_clients
- gravity_last_updated

To Do (if possible):
- Enable/Disable PiHole
- Pause for x minutes
- Color text in Tile when PiHole is disabled
- Data shown in a nicer way (not just text)

Github repo:

piholestats_screenshot_2.png (98.05 KiB) Viewed 146 times
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