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OTGW Nodo shop keeps on flashing/toggeling LED's

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:01 pm
by ahjwinth
I have ordered the OTGW from NODO shop.
The OTGW is connected to an Daaldrop Combifort 24/80 and Chronotherm Modulation touch. When the OTGW is connected the yellow(burner on) led and first green led Keep on flashing on and off.

When I connect the Opentherm monitor software I see the status messages continue scrolling/toggeling by and 2 messages are continues changing bits. See below listing, this happens around 2 times every second.
Does anyone have an idea what is wrong.
I have both used the FTDI connection and ESPeasy connection with both the same results.

20:47:00.545599 T80000200 Read-Data Status: 00000010 00000000
- CH enable: disabled (0)
- DHW enable: enabled (1)
- Cooling enable: disabled (0)
- OTC active: not active (0)
- CH2 enable: disabled (0)
- Summer/winter mode: winter (0)
- DHW blocking: unblocked (0)
20:47:00.691644 BC000020E Read-Ack Status: 00000010 00001110
- Fault indication: no fault (0)
- CH mode: active (1)
- DHW mode: active (1)
- Flame status: flame on (1)
- Cooling status: not active (0)
- CH2 mode: not active (0)
- Diagnostic indication: no diagnostics (0)
- Electricity production: not active (0)

Re: OTGW Nodo shop keeps on flashing/toggeling LED's

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:10 pm
by hvxl
The meaning of the LEDs depends on settings. Assuming you are still using the defaults, the first green LED flashing means that the OTGW is transmitting opentherm messages. So that's good.

You only showed a single message and its response. The response indicates that the flame is on. So that should cause the yellow LED to be lit. It should not normally be flashing. But from just one message it is impossible to see if the boiler is indicating it that way.

Re: OTGW Nodo shop keeps on flashing/toggeling LED's

PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:22 pm
by ahjwinth
I have used the standard settings from the led. So Yellow is burner on and the second led (green) is used for communication. The Yellow led for burner on is flashing every second.
Your correct, I only show an single message. Just for clarity I included now an screenshot below. The following status bits are changing every second or faster from on to off.
-Flame Status
-Central heating mode
-Domestic water mode

The boiler and thermostat are fully functional. But I can't do anything with the OTGW. What I have done so far to troubleshoot:
Flashed the PIC with the latest firmware (latest was already installed)
Connected with FTDI connection instead of easyESP. No difference.
Disconnected all wires. The toggling disappears but is back as soon as I connect the thermostat and boiler again.
Cycled power on the boiler and OTGW.

Any input is welcome. I also ordered parts from COnrad and an PCB with the orginal layout as on the Schelte Bron website. I will build this next week to test if this makes a difference.


Re: OTGW Nodo shop keeps on flashing/toggeling LED's

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:05 pm
by hvxl
Posting screen shots is not the most useful way to show logs. In addition, the screen shots show nothing unusual. Both show the exact same data and nothing that would result in a flashing flame LED. The two messages that you circled in the two screen shots are the request from the thermostat and the response from the boiler. In the request, the slave status bits will be 0 because only the boiler can provide this information. The design is that the flame LED will only react to the bits in the response.

So far I have not seen any evidence that the OTGW is behaving incorrectly. So reflashing the firmware, changing the serial connection, or even building a second gateway seems like chasing ghosts to me. I would suggest to first try to determine what the actual problem is.

If you want me to help, please provide a log that shows a few minutes of data, and not just one individual message. You may switch of the bitfield details to reduce the size of the log. I don't need those.