Conditional Event Actions

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Conditional Event Actions

Postby kriz83 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:00 am


I have quite a few events which share a great amount of same conditions.
- Send AutoRemote notification when Alarm is turned off
- Turn on radio if Alarm is turned off between 6 and 21
- Turn on lights if Alarm is turned off and it is dark outside.

At the moment, this causes me to have 3 events for the scenarios described above.
I have quite a few more (other) scenarios, and this clutters my event view because I have tons of events in it.

Now I want to clean up this mess and 'group' as much events as possible (e.g. all 'Alarm turned off' events -> 1 event).
However, HS does not allow for 'conditional' actions.

I tried writing multiline vb script in the 'run script' window, but it seems to only allow for 1 action ? (a '&' is prepended).
Create a custom script, but then I need a 'script' for every event, which seems like a bit of waiste.
Also, by using 'scripting', things brake if I change the name of a 'referenced' event.
Hiding events is also not possible :-(

How do you guys cope with this ?
Will there be an improvement with HS3?

Thx !
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Re: Conditional Event Actions

Postby AshaiRey » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:25 pm

You can't hide events but you can store them away in a seperate group.

If you want multiple script commands on one line then seperate them with a semicolon :

You can put all the conditions in one script let that do the triggering. You can parameterize the script too so you can trigger parts depending on the parameter you pass. This way you only need to call just one script.
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Re: Conditional Event Actions

Postby raymonvdm » Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:26 pm

I have some issue with conditional Events

I have created an event bases on condition "when device x usages is between 0...4000 poweroff device y but only when device A has been on for at least 1 hour and device B has been of for at least 30 minutes

Now when device x updates Its status to 0 homeseer seems to be waithing for some time before even running the event. And when it is running the event it is ignoring its dependencies (it looks like a bug to me)

I have grouped all my events based on there functions

- All events for opentherm are under the group opentherm (temp settings / status updates)
- All events for ventilation are in the ventilation group and so on

I think homeseer events could be more SMART to setup. I think Fibaro is much better at this
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