lost OT communication after restart

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Re: lost OT communication after restart

Postby hvxl » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:32 pm

Firmware 4.2.5 is already over 3 years old. It was released Oct 20, 2015. Version 4.2.4 (Aug 29, 2015) contained a fix in this area: Prevent unintended heat request in case of thermostat communication problems. So you may want to go back as far as 4.2.3 (Feb 12, 2015). You can download that as http://otgw.tclcode.com/download/gateway-4.2.3.hex
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Re: lost OT communication after restart

Postby Philip_Inc » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:50 pm

Sorry, I moved to another GW (GW to ModBus) and resolved my problem.
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